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Each day more and more families are being forced to locate food to feed their families.   

 Tracy Casey , owner of Kreative Kitchen will be teaching each week  how to feed your family from a Surplus Kitchen! 

 If you would like to be guest on the show click here.

The Family Table

 We understand that you don't have to be homeless to be hungry.  There are many parents who are challenged to feed their children everyday! In return this creates stress, despair and often times hopelessness: Hunger does not discriminate.

So, in this largely diverse world of cultures, at  the core of each healthy family you will find one similar principle: The Family Table! 

It is here that the family unites in harmony, laughter and joy.  Issues where addressed and more often, established resolutions evolved.

As part of our community service, we desire to recreate the family table, while we combat hunger.

Join us in the fight!


Combating Hunger One Meal at a time!


The Schmieding Foundation