(for Teens)

LIFE Camp is a community based program that speaks to the very mind, body & spirit of being a Teen in today's society

​This groundbreaking, fun-filled ~shamed released format has proven to be a successful factor in positive character improvement, self-worth and community involvement.  With multiple highlights about Do’s & Don'ts

With all the conversation points, a major portion of our curriculum, is in assisting our youth in creating a personalized MAP.  MAPs (Minor Achievements Progress System)

This progress can become their compass to celebrate their successes & to assist them in navigating through the journey of being and living the joyful life of a teen.

This is a fresh opportunity to grow where they are planted, to meet other teens, to form positive bonds in the community.  ​Just like our other programs, we utilize our BareFoot Party platform with conversations, community collaborations and creative arts. 

If you are required to complete community service hours, this program meets the requirements.  Please ask your probation officer for a referral.