Community Service Based Programming

In a effort to help clients meet various judicial responsibilities and offset financial hardships, we are structured to be a Community Service Agency.  To date we are servicing CS clients in Arkansas, Oklahoma and Missouri. More

 Our Adult program is designed enhance your life as steps of progression. 

Education +

Tier I:  Cognitive Life Skills Program (Adults) - This program of life skills is a hands on education for individuals who are at high risk of recidivism, incarceration or relapse. More

Cognitive Life Skills Program (Youth) - THRIVE More

Tier II:  Advocacy Training & Development - (20 hours)-We have discovered a proven process to assist in training our clients to fulfill their desire to give back to the community.  We have partnered with SOAR Works as a program to train & develop community advocates/case managers.  Upon completion they have the tools and knowledge to Advocate for their peers. More

Tier III ;  RESET Health & Recovery Program - Our new recovery program is designed for peers by peers! More

Peer In Training (PIT)-(65 hours)- 

Associate Preventionist (AP) More

Encouragement + Edification

Tier IV:  LIFE 1:1 & LIFE Group- .

This program benefits the community as a whole. Beginning with the reduction of recidivism and incarceration.  Our goal is to provide these individuals/families hope that they are not alone and that they have someone to be transparent with: a community connection.  The concept is hope revived so that we can begin to work with them on their vision/purpose for life. We work to provide the tools or refer them to tools that will enhance their life. 

Tier V: Leadership - When a individuals excels to this level they are given the opportunity to develop, organize and manage an outreach project.



"Trans-formative healing, authentic experience!"

Haley Smith~ Cosmic Counselor

"This was an eye opening experience & to be surrounded by successful women.  I needed this!"

Caitlyn Bailey~Arkansas Support Network 

The Schmieding Foundation