Dreams & Aspirations

At LIFE University we are striving to make sure dreams don’t die & vision emerges.  In our  premier  program (DNA) Dreams and Aspirations Cognitive LIFE Skills program we are determined to revitalize the dreams & aspirations that seem to have become lost within specific populations.   This 8-10 week  course is curriculum based and currently exclusive to individuals at risk.  

Through our unique case management, conversations craft retreat, canvas therapy and performing arts; each participant works to refocus, redirect and refire their feelings of despair and hopelessness. We often collaborates with other community agencies to assist  our students in developing a 10 month Idividualized DNA achievement plan.   During each class participants are given individualized homework to complete that is specific to their DNA profile. 

For their active participation they are awarded DIVA & DUDE Dollars. With this incentive they are able  to purchase items that are specific to their personal needs; such as food, hygiene products, or household cleaning supplies

At the end of the course , the participants are invited to attend a LIFE University Graduation Commencement Service. This occasion is to celebrate their dedication to continue their journey & pursue their DNA.  During the celebration each participant will be awarded a  LIFE University degree in:   The Arts & Science of DIVAology  or The Arts & Science of DUDEology.

Upon completion of this program they are welcome to enroll in our next level training to become a Community Advocate.