The traditional concept of community service is failing!

While the current community service programs work to increase the revenue for community agencies & businesses that derived from the free labor of each participant; it has yet to decrease number of repeat offenders.

Recidivism is not just a state prison issue; it is also a city and county problem!











Our Community Service model does more than train people to dig through trash or lift heavy furniture. We work on a individual basis to redirect them away from their current negative behaviors to affirmed individuals making good choices.


As an added initiative, participants enrolled in our program has executive privileges to our pantry: which consists of frozen meat, rice, snacks, hygiene and household cleaning supplies.  All attendance and participation is documented and reported as community service hours.




What We Know!

 Encouragement, Education and Edification = Empowerment!

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What if we created a community service program that did not dehumanize individuals?
What if we created a program that actually elevated individuals, increasing their self worth? 

What if we actually equipped them to become and remain productive citizens in our community.

That is just what we have done!

It's a new trend of Community Service, Social Service and Case Management!

  This is A new school of thought to authentically empower individuals & families. We are providing the required tools to improve the lives of those who have fallen between the cracks of life, suffer from various insecurities, those who are underserved and at high risk, by providing hope mixed with education &training.  

The populations served are at-risk and impoverished adults and teenagers: probation and parole, re-entry, victims of domestic violence, drug court clients even those who are homeless.