MAPs Life Camp

~Arts & Education~

Adults & Youth

MAPS (defined as Minor Achievements Progress System) LIFE Camp is a community-based Arts & Education program that speaks to the very mind, body & spirit of being in today's society. ​This groundbreaking, ~shamed released format has proven to be a successful factor in positive character improvement, self-worth and community involvement. It hosts all the major and minor conversation points to assist individuals to create a personalized MAP for their life, inclusive of conversations, community collaborations and creative arts. 


This progress can become a compass to positively celebrate successes & assist to navigate through the journey of being and living the productive life. ​ 

This fresh opportunity allows for individuals to grow where they are planted, work with various community leaders, form positive bonds in the community.  

​ ​ 

If you are required to complete community service hours, this program meets the requirements.  Please ask your probation officer or court for a referral.

LIFE Camp Classes


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(rescheduled due to pandemic)